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For those of you who like Tom Robinson (of 2-4-6-8 Motorway fame), free downloads are available of his tracks and albums at

Use the link above for the downloads. Details of the albums available are:

War Baby: Hope & Glory (1984)
produced by ROBIN MILLAR and TR

Still Loving You (1987)
produced by TR

Love Over Rage (1994)
produced by AL SCOTT

Having It Both Ways (1996)
produced by AL SCOTT

Steve Knightley, Tom Robinson & Martyn Joseph
Faith, Folk & Anarchy (2002)

A one-off band project: free album download available from FFA website.
or preview tracks on the Faith Folk & Anarchy MySpace Page.

Home From Home (1999)
CD ONE (Live in Flanders: duo gig with ADAM PHILLIPS)

Tom Robinson + Band
Home From Home (1999)
CD TWO (Live in Japan: band gig with Adam Phillips, Andy Treacey and Jo Burt)

Living In A Boom Time (1992)
Live in Ireland: solo

Live At Eton College ("Loved" EP, 1994)

Sector 27
live concert recording for BBC Radio One, 5 November 1980
TR vocals, gtr; Jo Burt bass, vocals; Stevie B. lead guitar, vocals; Derek Quinton drums.
With thanks to Mick Sheeran who made this recording from FM Radio at the time
(Downloadable from website)

Thanks Tom :-)




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